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Know Your Demands

A perfect system is not ideal for everyone. Every customer or shipyard has different expectations from a vessel, and every hull has various demands or limitations that must be considered when identifying your system.

Identifying your system

eD-QDrive 1

Knowing your demands makes this step very easy. Based on vessel size, weight, and hull type, eD-TEC, can suggest and provide the power system that lives up to the customer's expectation. eD-TEC can offer the eD-QDrive 1 with 50kW up to 200kW and propeller sizes 16"-18".
resource demands

Adapt Your Resources

Do you expect your mission to be far and in demand for a lot of energy? No problem, eD-TEC´s modular platform can be adapted to the vessels or operators' needs. Considering range demands as well as the effect on weight and balance, we can offer you the right package for your mission.

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The eD-QDrive 1 operates fully electric. The eD-QDrive operates seemlessly and quiet with the absence of CO2 emissions.


torque at 2000 rpm

Feel the electric POWER! 250 Newton-meters of torque at 2000RPM. Feel acceleration in its purest form.


Peak power

*The eD-QDrive offers a boost function for a limited time period reaching 200kW (270HP) per drive. This Offering dramatic acceleration, unlike anything else.


Continuous power

The eD-QDrive is cann allow up to 100kW continuous power. Through the integrated gearbox, the Motor operates in its most effiecient power setting.

*Performance figures may deviate depending on environmental factors, Battery Setup & application.

Top of the class, always.

eD-TEC sources and developed materials and compontents holistically. System perfection requires imaculate coordination and coherent system design.

The eD-QDrive - At a glance


eD-QDrive Easy Mount System

  • Transom Preparation

    Transom Preparation

    The vessel's transom is prepared according to the cutout template provided by eD-TEC. This cutout will enable the installation of the "Quick Mount Frame". No Further drillings will have to be made for the power unit. All cooling equipment and openings are located within the drive. This reduces the system's complexity and prevents unnecessary holes from being drilled into the hull.

  • Fit The Quick Mount Frame

    Fit The Quick Mount Frame

    After the transom has been prepared, the Quick Mount Frame can be fitted to the transom. This frame is bolted to the Hull using counter plates on the inside and sealed with silicone. Once this step is complete, the Hull is ready for marriage with the eD-QDrive.

  • Fixate the eD-QDrive

    Fixate the eD-QDrive

    The Transom is now fully prepared. The eD-QDrive can be aligned with the Quick Mount Frame and pushed into the hull. Fixating the drive and a seal on the frame will prevent water from leaking into the hull. With this step, the mounting of the drive is complete. What is left is easy and quick!

  • Plug&Play!


    Now connected the eD-QDrive to the system cables. There is 1x High-Voltage Plug, 1x 24V In, 1x24V Out (Trim Tab/Foils), 2x CAN. Once the eD-QDrive is mounted and installed, the system can be booted up. The AI Box will automatically identify the drives and will integrate them accordingly.

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